Calendar of Events

Programme of events for 2023

Meetings will continue to be held on the second Monday of the month at 7:15pm at the Community Hall. Our schedule of speakers/events are as follows. This is a tentative program, and may be subject to change.

January 9th —-  AGM

February 13th —- Sue Kent – The Manageable Garden

March 13th ——- Rob Evans—-Summer bulbs

April 17th ———–  Alan Clark— Cottage Garden Flowers

May 15th ———-  Jo Mullett— Invasive species, The (not so) great escape!

June ———–  Wildflower Walk – to be organised.

July 8th ——— Pennard Carnival Plant Stall

August—– Annual Show, plants, flowers and produce

September 11th —– Tony Fitzgerald—– Gardens around the world

October 9th ——   Dan Rouse — Attracting Butterflies, Moths and Bees

November 13th —  Paul Winkley — A trip to Japan.

December 11th —-  Christmas Lunch

Detail of further talks to follow.

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