Wellness Garden – Squiggles Nursery

Squiggles Nursery have decided to take on a raised bed to help the children learn about plants and where food comes from. In the pictures below, you can see them planting bulbs in the raised beds, in the bank leading to the Wellness Garden and around the Vernon Watkins memorial stone. They also helped plant an additional 3 apple tree. Hopefully by the spring we will all be able to enjoy the flowers from the bulbs and the fruit from the trees in years to come.

In April, children from the nursery visited us to view the results of their efforts back in the autumn and to sow vegetable seeds ready for the summer. They enthusiastically sowed, Broad Beans Carrots, French Beans Radish and Peas. The latter were sown in a large pot so that they can monitor their growth daily outside the nursery.

In June, the children popped over to see how their veg had grown and to taste some raw broad beans. Surprisingly several of them liked them. They pulled a few carrots and then, helped by the Gardening Elves (PGS Members!) they planted a range of bedding plants in their flower bed. See pictures below.

Seed sowing in April 2022

Feedback from one of the parents: My daughter goes to squiggles. Today they planted bulbs with you. She had such a lovely time and has told us all that she learnt today. Thank you very much and we love spending time at the wellness garden.

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