Wellness Garden

We’re back! meeting at the Wellness Garden, every Monday at 2pm. Why not pop along and get involved?

We receive a great deal of positive feedback from passers by as we work on the garden. Here’s an email received on the 11/5/22:- ‘I took my mum to Pennard to get blood tests today and we LOVED the wellness garden – really beautiful especially apples, herbs, echium and honeywort. Wellness garden well done!’

The First Phase of this project has been made possible by three financial awards, one from the Postcode Local Trust, a grant giving charity, funded entirely by players of People’s Postcode Lottery. A generous award from the Pennard Community Trust, and a contribution from the funds of The Pennard Garden Society. Local Supplier D G Heath have been very generous in their help, along with BSW Timber Group. Our apple trees were funded by Welsh Government through the Social Farms & Garden’s Orchard Project

Our project received £1,500 from the Postcode Local Trust, towards the purchase of the raised beds. For further information regarding the trust see http://www.postcodelocaltrust.org.uk and http://www.postcodelottery.co.uk

Over the last few months we’ve added a ‘Fragrant Bed’ to the garden. This contains fragrant roses, honeysuckle, sweet peas and lavender.

The children from Squiggles Nursery have also been busy sowing vegetable seeds and will, in late spring, replant their flower bed with some colourful bedding plants. Take a look at their own page to see what they’ve been doing!

If you’d like to get involved in our Wellness Garden or take part in any of the activities planned, please contact us using the form on the Contact us Page.

The benefits of gardening outdoors, the exercise involved and the social interactions experienced, have been recognised as being positive contributors to individual well-being. Not only in terms of physical health but also mental health. Hence the term ‘Wellness Garden’

Wellness Gardens are not allotments, but gardens where gardeners can pass on their skills and knowledge. Demonstrate how to do carry out tasks, such as propagating from cuttings. Meet and socialise with those for whom gardening is new, encourage youngsters to grow crops and educate them in strategies to avoid ‘food miles’. Provide a herb garden for use by anyone from the area and a sensory garden for quiet contemplation or a chat with friends. Beds are also available for individuals or groups to use and practice their skills.

The Garden was officially opened, with Sue Kent (Gardeners World) doing the honors on July the 3rd. Below are photos taken at the event.

Despite the challenges thrown at us by the Global Pandemic, we have managed to get the first phase of our Wellness Garden, more or less completed. The raised beds are available to organisations based in the Parish of Pennard. Interest has already been expressed by Squiggles Nursery and the local Brownies and Rainbows. The Herb Bed will be maintained by the Pennard Gardening Society (PGS). Any beds that aren’t taken up by organisations will be made available to the residents of the Parish. Obviously, with the current constraints, many organisations aren’t able to meet at the moment so PGS will maintain the beds until the autumn, when we all hope that life will be easier!

Within the membership of the PGS, we have extensive knowledge and expertise of all things horticultural. Through the Wellness Garden, we aim to: Share this knowledge and inspire the future generations of gardeners. Provide the opportunity to put this knowledge into practice in one of our raised beds. Through the Herb Garden, supply fresh herbs to those who need them – without the plastic packaging and waste associated with shop-bought herbs. Perhaps, more importantly at this time, provide an area where people can recharge their batteries, come for a chat or sit in quiet contemplation.

Again if you’d like to get involved in our Wellness Garden or take part in any of the activities planned, please contact us using the form on the Contact us Page.

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